Scientist Turned Entrepreneur: Bethany Deshpande

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In This Episode

  • Bethany chats with Greg and Dave about creating SomaDetect agriculture farming company.  The company helps farmers provide better care for animals and provide quality milk.
  • Bethany explains how completing a PHD in biology was a big in help in the startup of SomaDetect.
  • She discusses how she helps farmers diagnose low quality or unsafe milk.  She also provides nutritional needs for farmers with their farms.
  • Bethany tells how the idea came from her father.  He was a biophysicist who worked on applications involved with the innovation behind SomaDetect.
Bethany Deshpande

Bethany Deshpande

CEO and Founder of SomaDetect

  • Bethany Deshpande is the CEO of SomaDetect. She is a scientist turned entrepreneur who is providing dairy farmers with the information they need to produce the best possible milk.
  • Bethany has experience in community engagement, environmental science, mathematics, and data analysis.
  • SomaDetect represents a significant innovation within the dairy industry.

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