Rewired, Not Retired: Glen Hicks Tells Us How He Shifted His Work-Life Balance To Being A Digital Independent

In This Episode

Are you looking to change your work-life balance by shifting to digital work, but you are past the point of wanting to be a Digital Nomad to roam the world living out of a backpack? Instead, you might be looking for the life of a Digital Independent. Intrigued? You need to listen to our guest this week, Glen Hicks.

Glen followed a typical 9 – 5 corporate career for most of his life but reached a point where he had the opportunity to make a change, and he took it. Now he can spend more time with friends, family and other life pursuits while still working. This conversation brings out many topics about work-life balance and how we should be doing more to value the time we have with friends, families, and our passions as a culture.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We hear about Greg’s arm pain to segway into welcoming our guest who is recovering from his arm pain, Glen Hicks. Then, in another Greg Hemming segway, we hear about what Glen will share with us about the lifestyle of someone who is working entirely in the digital space. Finally, we hear about Glen’s career and Ustation.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
The group discusses the difference between being a Digital Nomad versus being a Digital Independent. The group discusses the shift in attitude towards the 9 – 5 lifestyle and the impact of COVID-19. They also discuss the wrong paths some companies are going with monitoring people that are working at home. Finally, the group discusses what has attracted them all to that lifestyle that gives more time for family and life pursuits. Dave and Glen share the negative side of workaholic culture that they’ve both seen and experienced in their lives.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Glen shares the story of his severe heart attack 19 years ago that shifted the way he looked at his work-life balance and how it started him on his path to being a Digital Independent. Glen tells us about the opportunities he’s found through networking, and we hear about the community he’s started.

Glen Hicks

Glen Hicks

Digital Independent, Founder/CEO of USTATION, Seasoned Technology Executive and Work From Anywhere (WFA) Evangelist.

Glen is a Digital Independent. Working when, how, where, and on what he believes in. Born on the Atlantic Coast of Canada where he still resides, he is a digital citizen of the world.

He spent over 25 years as an executive with major tech organizations at the forefront of Information Technology, leading large teams working virtually across the world.

Under his company TecZen Digital, he selectively chooses engagements for Digital/Technology Consulting and Advisory work specializing in Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Planning and Portfolio Management.

To provide himself, and the growing global population of Digital Independents the necessary support to pursue and thrive in this way of life, Glen serves as the CEO of USTATION (, a company he co-founded to develop inspiring, productive work spaces, culture and services to Work From Anywhere (WFA) professionals. He is also the founder of Digital Independent Life ( a community platform that plans to connect digital independents around the world.

He is passionate about bringing people of different cultures, experiences and beliefs together through work. He believes that we are better together because of our differences, not in spite of them. He is currently a board member of PRUDE (Pride of Race, Unity and Diversity through Education.) whose mission is focused on promoting Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism in his home province.

His upcoming book, “Rewired, Not Retired: Embracing Life as a Digital Independent” is set to be released later this year.