Finding The Right Pivot With A Puck That Glows

Derek Chaisson Shares The Business Journey of Night Puck Technology

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Innovation can come from everyday experiences when you have the right creative minds and entrepreneurial drive to make solutions a reality.

Picture this. It’s after dinner on a clear winter night in Canada, and you head out with your friends to the pond to try and get in a quick game before you lose the light. No matter how careful you try to be seeing that black round piece of rubber never gets any easier and eventually you either lose all your pucks in snowbanks or it’s just too dark to see. That problem every young hockey player can relate to is what pushed Derek Chaisson and his friend Rick Richard to create Night Puck.

In today’s episode we hear not just about that first product, but the journey the company has been on to find the right market, optimize the right product offering and securing the funding needed to make their vision a reality.

Episode Highlights

First 5 Minutes
We met Derek Chiasson and learned about his feedback on the Boiling Point Process, which he attended in December 2018. The group share some hockey trivia knowledge.

5 – 10 Minutes
Dave explains how growing up in the Yukon with its limited hours of sunlight helps him understand the need for light up pucks. Derek explains the first product they created and the pivot they taken with their business. Derek explains some of the reasons they started the company. The group talks about some of the technology advances in the NHL and SAP.

Derek talks about the challenges they ran into in launching their first product and the pivot they needed to make.

10 – 15 Minutes
The group talks in detail about what IQ puck will do and offer for its users. Derek shares where the company is along their journey to market and shares some of the values they have as a business.

Greg asks Derek about the market and what challenges they’ve faced in growing their market. Derek talks about that you can only get so far on paper before you need to have a product for people to try to understand it fully.

15 – 20 Minutes
Dave asks about Derek’s background and focus. Derek shares his interest in the stock market, finance and the investment they’ve already built for the business. Derek shares what they are looking to raise in their next round of investing to go to market. They discuss what some areas of growth for the product might be going forward like in-app sales.

Dave asks what Derek’s big takeaway from The Boiling Point Process training event.

Derek Chaisson

Derek Chaisson


Derek is in pursuit of entrepreneurial success by leading the way into a startup initiative. Night Puck Technology Inc. is focused on developing low voltage technology inside of hockey pucks for a variety of performance development applications. Consumer and industry based.

Derek brings a combination of technology know how and sales expertise to the table. He is passionate about continuous learning and helping others on their entrepreneurial journey.

Night Puck, our original product concept was developed out of necessity. If you have ever had the opportunity to enjoy hockey in it’s purest form on the pond, you will know it is exceptionally easy to lose pucks. The Night Puck meets the weight, dimension, and balance specifications of a standard hockey puck while illuminating the immediate surface surrounding it with three 120 degree lights projecting light from it’s side. The puck maintains it’s traditional feel as it comprised of 75% vulcanized rubber. Night Puck is the ideal solution for the backyard pond hockey player.The digital player development tool.

iQ Puck, is a player performance development tool specifically designed for hockey. The iQ Puck application transmits data wirelessly from the physical puck to a smartphone or tablet.

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