Our Journey With Emily

Emily Rodger takes the hot seat as we reflect on the past three years full of documentary films, her coaching journey, co-hosting our podcast and launching a non-profit.

In This Episode

Three years from our first time speaking with Emily Rodger and we put Dave’s now co-host into the hot seat this week to reflect on her journey over the last few years and entering into the coaching world. Dave and Emily talk about her view around de-mystifying coaching, and her holistic approach to coaching, which Emily has found lately has many parallels to being a pacer for ultra marathons. This athletic connection that runs throughout Emily’s life and the leadership skills she’s gained through coaching has led her to create a non-profit, On The Rise, to help young to learn about themselves and develop leadership skillsets.

We also hear about Emily’s upcoming CBC documentary working with Hemmings House, which will be airing soon as a follow-up to the successful short film Cadence.

In This Episode

First 10 Minutes
Dave introduces the topic of talking to Emily today to help others understand de-mystifying coaching and talking about Emily’s experiences and how she approaches coaching. Emily talks about her holistic approach to coaching and how it’s not just about the work side of life. Dave talks about the gift Emily has to share her story and be vulnerable. Authenticity resonates with people. 

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Dave asks about Emily’s recent experience with pacing for ultra marathon running. Emily shares how that experience has taught her about her role in helping others achieve their goals and holding them accountable for what they can achieve.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Emily talks about how it makes her feel in the pacing, and Dave asks about her background in sports and any advice she’d give her younger self. Emily shares about realizing in working with her coach Bruce that competitiveness doesn’t need to be bad. Dave asks Emily how her athleticism comes through in her coaching.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
Dave & Emily talk about Emily’s upcoming documentary with Hemmings House and its related journey. Emily shares the work she is doing with her new non-profit, On The Rise.

Emily Rodger

Emily Rodger

Certified Executive and Leadership Coach - Public Speaker - Ultra Runner - Angler - Former Elite Cyclist - Author - Co-founder of, "On The Rise: Building confidence and leadership through sport and adventure"

I’m a former elite athlete, avid fly fisher, and certified coach at Emily Rodger Coaching Inc. Raised in New Brunswick, Canada along with my three sisters, sports were not part of my life until into adulthood. After working as a dental hygienist, I decided to pursue my passion for triathlon and cycling. In my full first year of bike racing, I competed in 21 races, which included 17 podiums, 14 1st place finishes, a National masters title, and a World masters title in Time Trial. Before I knew it, I found myself racing in the professional peloton.

Some notable career moments include being a 2x UCI GranFondo World Champion (both Time Trial and Road Race), Canadian Masters National Time Trial Champion, and 70.3 Ironman world qualifier. But along with my success in cycling/triathlon, came more than a few hardships. I was involved in two very serious cycling crashes where I was struck by vehicles, resulting in multiple broken bones, a brain injury, and extensive soft tissue damage. I could go into detail about the crashes and my struggles during recovery, but instead I simply want to share with you that I know how it feels to be shattered, both mentally and physically. But no matter how broken you are or may feel, there is always a way out of our darkest places.

These life-altering events made me a stronger, more resilient, more grounded, and a more grateful athlete/person. During my recovery is where I found my love for fly fishing. At a time where I was mentally struggling with the trauma I experienced, I put my focus on what truly brought joy to my life. That’s when the memories of fishing as a child came back to me. I thought about how much I loved being by the water and out in nature. While I searched the water for fish, I came to a greater understanding and acceptance of who I am, what I value, and what makes me tick.

I have taken a step back from racing at the professional level to pursue all the things that truly bring me joy. During this time away from cycling, I’ve also developed my passion for coaching others through their own difficult seasons and helping them achieve their biggest goals. This passion has turned into my own personal development coaching business, where I work as an Executive Coach and Personal Development Coach (health and lifestyle).

While life continues to have its twists and turns (if 2020 taught us anything, I think it’s that), I’m more committed than ever to pursuing my own dreams and helping those around me realize that their dreams are not just possible, but achievable. Joy is not found in everything going your way, more trophies, or the picture perfect life. Instead joy is found when we stop chasing that circumstantial happiness and set our minds on something greater. I’m happy to say that I’ve found that true, lasting joy—I would be honored to come along with you on your journey, too.