Nurture Your Possibility Mindset

Matt Jackson encourages us to keep ourselves open to possibilities, dreams and big goals to find the benefits of creative, sometimes messy, problem-solving-focused thinking.

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Do you dream big? Do you sit down and think about goals you would love to accomplish for yourself or your business with the attitude that it could happen? Or do you immediately tell yourself there’s no chance? Our mindsets and perspectives affect our lives without us always realizing how, but sometimes we need to step back and open ourselves up. That’s the message our guest today, Matt Jackson, leaves us as he encourages us to keep ourselves open to possibilities, dreams and big goals to find the benefits of creative, sometimes messy, problem-solving-focused thinking.

Matt has a fantastic background in working with the Olympics and major brands like lululemon, but in recent years he’s found himself drawn to the world of coaching. Dave and Emily have an authentic conversation about how they’ve all found the coaching space while also hearing Matt’s approach to having a possibility mindset and not letting our probability mindset limit opportunities. With an underlying thread of how exercise, activity and shared human experiences can help us connect, engage and be creative, this conversation helps open you up to a world of possibilities.

In This Episode

First 10 Minutes
We start chatting about the benefits of saunas and the idea of pushing ourselves through cold plunges before hearing how our guest Matt Jackson has done cold plunges himself. Matt introduces himself and tells us about his background working with the Olympics in Canada and the journey he’s been on to find his way in the coaching space.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
The group discusses how they found themselves in coaching and their different paths. They talk about the impact of coaching on their lives and how having a passion for your work can change your thoughts toward the work.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group discusses the difference between possibility and probability thinking. Matt talks about the experience of getting an internship for the Atlanta Olympics and how that showed him that leaving a possibility mindset and not letting probability get in the way.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
Dave and Matt talk about how they can see the struggle between possibility and probability thinking for their children. Matt shares how he believes we should nurture that dreaming mindset. Emily asks about the role of fear in probability thinking, and Matt shares the role and situations he feels probability can be helpful.

40 Minutes – 50 Minutes
Emily shifts the conversation about how as we grow as leaders, the pressure of probability thinking can make us limit those we lead. Matt feels we need to encourage more possibility thinking in the workplace. The group talks about the role of creativity in work that’s sometimes missing these days. The group discusses the different perspectives that can be brought to working as a coach.

The group discusses the benefits of something like exercise that allows us to think more freely. Matt shares his experience with Lulu Lemon and how they would build connections. Matt talks about the shared human experiences that will enable people to be open to sharing their experiences.

50 Minutes – 60 Minutes
The group discusses how shared experiences can create benefits of connection.

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

Certified Executive Coach

My mission is to help leaders and business owners gain the clarity and confidence to fully realize their potential. What does that mean? It means leaders who are in alignment with their vision, values, interests and capabilities. It means leaders who consistently experience personal and professional fulfillment.

I offer a personalized approach, helping clients distill the noise in order to achieve the results they’ve set for themselves. Through 25 years of international business experience in a variety of sectors, including leading teams on five Olympic Games, I’ve helped leaders of all levels navigate some of the most complex and rewarding challenges imaginable.

Through all of the work I’ve done, my purpose has always been around enabling others to succeed. As a Certified Executive Coach, I work with leaders who are engaged in their own growth and are striving to create impactful results not only for their organizations but also for themselves and the people around them.