The Nightingale Family Embraces Goat Farming

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In This Episode

  • Our guests share about their company Haute Goat, a company based around goat farming.
  • They explain their passion for their business, their animals, and their farm.
  • Dave and Greg learn the full scope of what Haute Goat does, which involves doing more than owning the average goat farm.
  • Debbie and Shain tell the story on how they went down the road of goat farming and how they are so grateful to get paid to do what they love.
  • Listen in to the episode to find out the development of the Nightingale’s family business!
  • Debbie and Shain are owners of their own Goat Farming business called Haute Goat. Haute Goat’s most common service is selling goat cheese & milk.
  • Goat Haut also offers to teach people how to milk a goat, and they offer tours of their farm on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
  • When Shain retired from his career Debbie chose to leave her job as a Toronto film executive to fulfill her dream of raising Nigerian dwarf goats.

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