It’s Time To Build Your Positive Work Environment 

Dr Bill Morrison describes practical steps and key questions to ask ourselves as we evaluate, benchmark and improve the psychological safety and employee mental well being in our workplaces.

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Current events with the stress and psychological impact that COVID-19 is having on workplaces is showing us that now more than ever, we need to build and maintain a positive work environment. Dave is joined once more by Dr Bill Howatt, and today we’ve decided to make this discussion a Dr Bill squared event with our guest Dr Bill Morrison.  Dr Bill Morrison discusses critical steps and behaviours we need to monitor in our workplaces to keep us aware and moving forward with our workplace psychological safety. For anyone that is struggling to highlight positive behaviours and embed these acts as second nature in your workplace culture, this episode and the resources mentioned can start you on the path of improving the overall well being in your workplace. 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Dr Bill and Dave introduce the article for discussion for this episode, A critical element to a positive experience. Dr Bill explains the shift of how originally psychological safety in the workplace started with addressing mental illness in employees and how they’ve needed to shift what the meaning of psychological safety means in the workplace. We meet Dr Bill Morrison, whose passionate focuses on creating well being instead of being reactive. Dr Bill Morrison adds that he believes we need to look at the conditions within the workplace and how that effects well being.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes 
Dr Bill Morrison explains the three conditions needed for workplace wellbeing relatedness, competency and autonomy support. Dr Bill Morrison highlights how important collecting data and information on the efforts being attempted are performing. We need to know if these practices are being used or need to be encouraged and embedded more. Dr Bill Howatt talks about the challenges of bringing in programs to organizations without getting a baseline of where they were to start. Dr Bill Howatt asks Dr Bill Morrison how he feels the current COVID-19 situation is affecting people. 

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes 
Dr Bill Morrison talks about how we need to gather information and create a baseline for us to be able to measure whether the practices that promote mental well being are being used. Dr Bill Morrison walks us through how we would need to monitor the programs we use to establish well being effectively. Dr Bill Morrison provides some practical questions to ask ourself to see how we are working within our workplaces.  

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
The group talks about behaviours that are happening right now as we are adjusting to COVID-19. Dave mentions how he feels like people are checking in more with people now than before. Dr Bill Morrison talks how he is witnessing similar things and mentions the chalk walk messages being left by children. Dr Bill Howatt says he agrees but is also seeing and being pulled into more crises lately and how he is encouraging corporations to take the time to start to build a plan for their employees well being. 

Dr Bill Morrison

Dr Bill Morrison

President, WMA Wellness

Bill is a clinical psychologist with advanced graduate degrees in both educational foundations and psychology. In addition to his 25 years of clinical practice, Dr. Morrison has had extensive experience in the development and implementation of health and education services for children and adults in several Canadian provinces. He was instrumental in the design and implementation of New Brunswick’s ISD framework, and was an initial author of the Province of New Brunswick’s provincial wellness strategy.


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WMA Wellness Inc. provides organizational leaders and human resource professionals with a range of bilingual online products and services, including the Mental Health and Fitness Inventory (MFRI) and the Positive Leadership Inventory (PLI), that contribute to enhanced employee engagement, performance and wellness.

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