I Once Heard A Hiring Manager Say The N-Word

Shauna Cole is Making Her Voice Heard and Helping Others Find Their Best Career Fit

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Featuring entrepreneurs who are making positive impacts in the world is not just the central theme of The Boiling Point Podcast, but for both Dave and Greg, it’s a personal passion. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from our guest Shauna Cole, who we consider a friend, colleague and community leader. 

With her recent Linkedin post “I Once Heard A Hiring Manager Say The N-Word” and her involvement in the Black Lives Matter march in Saint John, NB, Shauna Cole has made her voice heard, and it’s time we all listen. Shauna shares with us her experiences and the tipping point for her to make that post, change her career path and choose to help others find their best career fit with her consulting work and youtube channel, Career Interrupted. 




Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes 
Greg and Dave introduce the topic for the episode talking about the Black Lives Matter movement with a local community leader Shauna Cole. Shauna explains her background and drives towards the entrepreneurial space of helping people find their career after life transitions. Dave asks about Shauna’s recent post and asks her to share her experience. Shauna shares her recent post that explains her personal experience with racism. 

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes 
Shauna shares what brought her on to the entrepreneurial path of consulting work. She shares how some of the racism she encountered in a corporate culture made her want to follow her values and build her own business. Shauna shares how becoming a mother was also a driving factor in switching to an entrepreneurial path. The group talks about the common experience many women face coming back from maternity leave and the challenges they can face. Shauna shares how for her maternity leave was not positioned as something that would help her get ahead and working for a company that didn’t support that valve for her and made her change her goals. The group discusses Shauna’s work and what she does now to help others work through career transitions based on re-evaluating what their current life values are. 

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes 
Dave asks if Shauna can help explain her experience with writing her post and also being involved in the Black Lives Matter movement in Saint John, NB. Shauna shares how she’s always felt like she didn’t want to be a complainer and the differences between her white family members and black family members. Shauna explains how George Floyd’s death impacted her and drove her to speak out. Shauna shares her experience with getting involved with the Black Lives Matter movement in Saint John. Dave asks about the blowback that Shauna has received because of her post. Shauna shares the feedback that she received from the post. 

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes 
The group talks about what we need to do to increase the amount of education around what racism is. The group talks about what real steps or advice Shauna would give. Shauna shares some final points. 

Shauna Cole

Shauna Cole

Chartered Professional In Human Resources and University Instructor

Shauna Cole holds a Master’s Degree in Business, is a Chartered Professional In Human Resources and University Instructor.  She’s an entrepreneur who runs a Career and Human Resources Consultancy to help professionals get the spark back in their careers.  Her most recent initiative is a YouTube channel called ‘Career Interrupted’ where she’ll explore finding career fulfilment and how to be anti-racist at work.   

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