How Do You Make The Impact You Desire? Curtis Kennedy Shares Lessons Learned

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  • (2:58) Curtis explains his product and his motivations for starting his company, Vertiball.
  • (8:11) We hear how Curtis’ experience with cancer along with his grandfather’s influence helped change his career aspirations from wanting to be an astronaut to wanting to be an entrepreneur.
  • (14:46) Curtis explains how he’s made his way through the day to day challenges of starting up his company by seeing his growth as a step by step process to get to his end-goal.
  • (20:20) Finally, Curtis describes the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone to succeed in your business.
Curtis Kennedy

Curtis Kennedy

CEO of Vertiball

  • Curtis Kennedy is a mechanical engineering student at the University of New Brunswick and is the CEO of his own company, Vertiball, where he has been revolutionizing muscle care since 2017 with his suction cup based product.
  • His goal is to eventually get into the field of clean energy with a future business venture.
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