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Barry Ogden Knows How to Empower a Community and It’s Youth

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In This Episode

  • Greg reminisces on high school days.
  • Barry lets us in on his rebuilding of historical sites in Saint John and talks his motivations for the millions of dollars he has raised in the city.
  • Barry tells us why giving children the gift of empowerment is so crucial in developing the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Greg talks about what fills him with pride of Saint John.
  • We hear about his crosswalk painting and the football team he brought here.
  • Barry tells us a little bit about his relationship with Gerry Pond and how the idea of a book about him came about.
  • We also hear how the best way to beat poverty is through empowerment.
  • Greg talks about how it is empowering to be an entrepreneur and how these skills need to be taught to kids at the youngest age possible.
Barry Ogden

Barry Ogden

Social Entrepreneur and Creator of Marigold Project

  • Barry Ogden was a high school teacher for 30 years who left an impression on Greg Hemmings going all the way to grade 10 when Greg was a student in his Entrepreneurship class.
  • Barry is not the type to sit by and let the world fix the problems he sees; he takes action and gets the job done.
  • He has taken on initiatives include breaking world records with marigold gardens planted by students, reviving interest in the city’s past through rebuilding Loyalist House, creating a replica of the Marco Polo sailing vessel, and developing a football league so that the city could have a team of its own.
  • Barry even painted his own crosswalks after two children were hit and the city was taking too long to find its solution.
  • Barry’s entrepreneurial spirit has even been recognized by one of the city’s leading businessman, Gerry Pond, so much so that Gerry wrote the book, Ogden’s Odyssey.

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