From Passionate Disruptor to Transformative Leader

Dr Nicole Boutiler Examines The Shifts In Healthcare Leadership Achieved Through Coaching

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Mention the word Healthcare, and everyone right now is going to have an opinion. It’s an important topic that needs expertise and compassion to find effective solutions for the general population and healthcare workers facing burnout. Enter our guest, Dr Nicole Boutilier. Nicole wears many hats in life, from Doctor to Mom to Healthcare Leader to Coach, but no matter what hat she’s wearing, she’s bringing years of experience and a passion for creating transformation. 

Nicole joins Dave and Emily to share a unique viewpoint of how she has seen healthcare evolve over her career as a physician. We hear how by being encouraged to pursue her coaching certification it’s allowed her and others to build a true structure of healthcare leadership that didn’t exist before. This healthcare leadership is helping frontline workers through coaching and addressing the systemic changes needed to improve healthcare overall. Nicole’s approach to coaching to help others pull out insightful lessons while focusing on the hope and accomplishments that happen every day highlights how coaching can make a difference one person at a time and on a larger systemic scale. 


In This Episode

First 10 Minutes
We’re introduced to Nicole Boutilier, who has a background as a physician and has become a coach under Vision Coaching. The group discusses the structure of healthcare and what leadership in healthcare means. Nicole shares how she grew into a healthcare leader and how things have been changing over recent years. 

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Dr Nicole explains why she took a role in leadership in healthcare and what drives her to continue to be involved. She speaks about needing to be persistent in her pursuit of making changes on a larger systemic scale. Nicole talks about how she finds the balance between coaching and her leadership role. Nicole discusses the role of transformation, which helps you evolve throughout your career. The group talks about physician burnout and lack of time to self-reflect, and it’s hard to create the space needed, but maintaining your hope and gratitude and focusing on the good you are doing can help with changes to the system that will make a big difference going forward.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Nicole talks about the shift that she’s seeing around physician leadership. The group talks about how coaching can be hard to see the benefits until you’ve experienced them and seen them firsthand. Nicole shares her experience of going through coach training and how she thought what it would be like was completely different from her experience.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
The group talks about giving and receiving coaching and how it plays out in everyday life. Nicole explains how she got into coaching and made a choice to take her coaching training. The group discusses the change in perspective going through coach training has had on their personal and professional lives. Coaching gets you right to your purpose. Nicole shares what she hopes to do in the future with coaching and making changes to the healthcare system. 

40 Minutes 
Dave’s takeaway is about having purpose and Nicole’s ability to accept the acknowledgement and not deflect it. Emily’s takeaway is taking a step back to see the bigger picture of things but knowing when to take a step even closer and when to focus on what good happened in the day.

Dr Nicole Boutilier

Dr Nicole Boutilier

Physician - Health Care Leader - Certified Executive Coach

Nicole is focused on the transformation of herself, others and systems. She is motivated by the power of coaching to drive change, resiliency and new learning.

Her calm assertive energy and authenticity has been a cornerstone of her career and life as she moves between her roles as physician, executive leader, coach, and mother of three young adults.

She is compassionate and insightful as she partners with others to bring a deeper awareness of who they are to everything they want to accomplish and every challenge they face. Her coaching presence builds trust and creates new awareness to enable learning and growth in new exciting directions as people discover their own ability to become who and do what they envision.

Nicole has held progressive leadership roles over the past fifteen years through different levels of healthcare organizations including department, facility, regional and provincial. She has been in an executive level position since 2008, and is currently a Vice President for Nova Scotia Health.

She was attracted to becoming a coach by her wish to empower others towards their own solutions and reaching their full potential in their own roles. Coaching allows others to unlock their creativity and innovation, and simultaneously provides reciprocal benefits for the coach as they learn and grow in the

Her coaching style allows for a safe exploration of areas for growth as well as a deep acknowledgment and leveraging of strengths. She has experience and knowledge in leadership to challenge and explore in a partnership that allows people to shine into their own brilliance.

Nicole’s areas of expertise include executive coaching, physician coaching, health care coaching, leadership development, career transitions, career development, work flow, personal development, work/life integration, building resilience, prevention of burn out and revitalization of career.