Creating Conversations That Shine A Light On Business Leadership

Mark Leger’s role as a leadership storyteller helps to show that not only “Business is Good” but “Business Does Good”

In This Episode

We’re happy to have a guest with whom we’ve had a long-time friendship but who finds himself in our hot seat for the first time, Mark Leger. In his role as Editor at Huddle and Director of News Content at Acadia Broadcasting, Mark has been telling the stories of business and leadership in Atlantic Canada for years.

We hear about Mark’s love of running, including how he follows Emily through her runs and his passion for not shying away from tough topics and taking the business spotlight to the main street level. We even get some insight into the interviews that Mark has completed over the years that have left him feeling inspired.

In This Episode

First 10 Minutes
We hear about Emily’s ultra-marathon 80KM experience to start this conversation. Emily shares her experiences going through the race, and Dave marks how it sounds similar to life’s highs and lows. Dave asks how Emily feels about making the post ahead of time about completing the race. Dave shares his experience of completing his marathon. Dave transitions into introducing our guest Mark Leger. Mark shares how he follows Emily on the app Strava (

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Mark introduces his role at Huddle and Acadia Broadcasting and what he’s focused on the last few years. Mark shares how they explained during the pandemic and the other media formats through newsletters and podcasts. Mark shares Huddle’s focus and how they share business stories by bringing them to street level. Emily asks how Mark got into this style of business news and a magazine he founded before called Hear. Mark shares how he joined Huddle after working for Civilized.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group talks about how Huddle is helping to tell stories at the mainstream level. Emily mentions how one recent story made her want to visit a local restaurant, Rocket Burger, raising their wages above minimum wage. Dave highlights that Huddle doesn’t shy away from topics, and Mark shares how they approach topics by focusing on creating conversations. Mark shares the tagline of “Business is good”, and Mark says he feels it’s often “Business does good”. Dave asks how Mark feels about interviewing high-profile guests on the podcast. Mark shares how he feels about having long-form conversations with leaders in Atlantic Canada. Mark talks about the leaders he enjoys speaking with, like Marcel LeBrun and Frank McKenna.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
Emily asks what qualities Mark would like to see other leaders pull from the people he’s interviewed. Mark shares how the most important for him is being open to change. Mark shared how the model at Huddle allowed for flexibility that worked for its staff. Mark talks about some examples of large corporations showing signs of the leadership of change. The group discusses the advantages of the podcast format.

Mark Leger

Mark Leger

Editor, Huddle; Director of News Content, Acadia Broadcasting

He writes a weekly newsletter column called “The Saturday Huddle.” When he’s not obsessing about Huddle’s performance analytics, he runs and cycles and tries to keep up with two kids with much more active lives than his.