Chris Daigle For Ward 4

An Insider View Into Running As A Candidate In A Municipal Election

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Elect Handsome Dave! Wait….that doesn’t sound right? No, despite the signs that seem to continue to appear every election, Dave hasn’t decided to pursue a political path. We are fortunate to have someone that is running in the upcoming Saint John municipal election join us to share what motivated him to throw his hat in the ring, our guest Chris Daigle.

Dave and Greg have both worked with Chris in his day job at BDC and know personally the passion they all share for the city of Saint John. This episode gave Dave and Greg a chance to ask Chris about what motivates him to get involved, his views on diversity and growth for the city, and where he thinks the balance is for fiscal responsibility and quality of life. We want to wish Chris the best of luck in the election on May 10th!

An episode bonus, if you listen to the end, you might just learn the identity of the Elect Handsome Dave prankster….


Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Greg and Dave recap the prank of Handsome Dave running in an election that he knows nothing about before we met Chris Daigle, an actual candidate for the upcoming municipal elections in New Brunswick. Chris shares his motivation for putting his name forward in the election. Chris shares his work with BDC and how it helped him see the impact that he was able to have with local businesses. His motivation for running is to help his community continue to grow. Chris shares how he would like to see the city of Saint John continue to grow.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Dave asks about what made Chris take a step forward and put his name in for running. Chris explains his interest in politics always been something in the background of his life and passion for helping people. Chris talks about how he’s had to think and develop views on various topics that go beyond what’s he’s known for in the commercial financing space. Greg asks about Chris’s thoughts on diversity and how he sees the shifts in society. Chris talks about how in his position as a white male, he sees the role he can play as walking beside people to support them in any way they need to succeed.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group talks about the challenges that Chris thinks the council will be facing in the next few years. Chris talks about needing to find a balance between financial needs and quality of life needs. He shares how he thinks you need to use the data and listen to what people are saying. The group talks about the rental cost increase in New Brunswick right now and the different level of collaboration that needs to happen to ensure the best results for all residents. Chris shares his feedback about sharing his story on the Boiling Point.

Chris Daigle

Chris Daigle

Candidate for Ward 4, Saint John

Lifelong resident of Saint John, Chris Daigle, has thrown his hat into the ring and will run for a council seat representing Ward 4 in the upcoming Municipal Elections.

Mr Daigle grew up in East Saint John and has been living there for past 13 years.
For the past 9 years he has worked with the Business Development Bank of Canada, a federal Crown Corporation, providing financing and consulting to small and medium businesses throughout Southern New Brunswick. Through the BDC, Mr. Daigle has worked with over 300 businesses and spent many hours working with newcomers to Canada that chose to settle in Saint John.

“East Saint John is not only an economic driver for the city of Saint John but for the Province of New Brunswick and it is paramount for the area to have strong representation at all levels of government” states Mr. Daigle
Mr Daigle has been involved in the community throughout his life as a volunteer at the YMCA, coaching high school rugby at St. Malachy’s High School and minor basketball in East Saint john, mentoring both new Canadian and young entrepreneurs and shared his musical talents to the benefit of Romero House and the IWK.

“I am confident that I can provide a balanced approach to ensure the city grows properly without forgetting the existing needs of the area.”

Mr Daigle lives in Forest Hills with his wife and 2 boys.