War on Hunger

Patrick Gordon and Operation Feed SJ Battle An Insidious Foe

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Going to war and experiencing violence first-hand changes a person. It can take a person to dark places inside themselves. It can make them believe they have nothing else to do or give back in life besides their sacrifice to their country.

Patrick Gordon, a veteran, found himself repeating a pattern of relying on alcohol, making a bad choice and then wanting to do better again and again after leaving the service. A moment of clarity four years ago helped him realize how he didn’t want to repeat what he experienced growing up and how he wanted to find a way to have a positive impact on his community. That opportunity arose during the start of the pandemic when a friend shared how many kids were living their lives in poverty and food scarcity. Patrick and a group of like-minded individuals jumped into action, and Operation Feed SJ was born.

We recorded this conversation with Patrick in September 2021 when they had delivered over 25,000 meals up to that point. We’re now happy to share that Operation SJ has achieved registered charity status. Through Patrick’s War on Hunger, he is not only facing down a foe to us all, he is helping children in the Saint John community who can’t control their circumstances see positive adult role models who they know they can rely on to keep battling shoulder to shoulder.

Thank you, Patrick, for sharing a raw and honest view of how we don’t need to be held down in life by circumstances we can’t control. Going to war changes a person, but in this case, it started Patrick on a path to change the lives of so many children.

***Please note this episode contains use of profanity.***


Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
To start the conversation, we meet our guest host David Savoie, joining Dave Veale while Greg is on a hiatus. Next, we are introduced to Patrick Gordon, a Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, a former soldier fighting a war on hunger. We hear about his background and growing up in the military. Then, the conversation moves into what lessons Patrick learned over his time in the military.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
David asks what it was that made Patrick turn his life around. Patrick shares how getting alcohol out of his life was something that made a difference in his life. The group talks about turning a negative life situation into a positive impact in life.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
We hear about Operation Feed SJ and how Patrick’s group is bringing food directly into the school system and providing positive role models for children who may not have those figures in their lives.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
The group talks about the coverage that Patrick has been receiving and the ultimate goals of the work that he is doing. The group discusses how people can help and how important it is to look for mentors.

Patrick Gordon

Patrick Gordon

Operation Feed SJ

After graduating from Saint John High, Patrick joined the Canadian Forces. In 2004 he completed his military training in Esquimalt, British Columbia, and was sent to Edmonton AB. Once in Edmonton, Pat became a member of the Lord Strathconas Horse Royal Canadian. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006, 2008 & 2010.

During his 2008 tour in Afghanistan, Pat’s vehicle was hit with an IED and he sustained injuries to his neck, back and brain. He was medically released from the Canadian Forces in 2016.

In 2019 Patrick was selected to compete in the Warrior Games, as the Ultimate Champion. On day 2 of the games, he sustained a major injury to his chest and still completed the competition with only one arm!!

Patrick is currently preparing to compete in the upcoming Invictus Games as a Runner & Swimmer.

Pat Gordon is a True Patriot, whos vision has always been; to help the people who need it.