Vanquishing Internet Trolls

Katrina German and Ethical Digital Are Working To Make The Internet A Better Place For All

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Do you feel like, over the last couple of years, you’re avoiding certain places on the internet more and more? Are you worried as a business owner and entrepreneur whether the digital marketing you’re putting out in the world is negatively impacting people? If your life is full of trolls, you need to listen to our guest Katrina German.

Katrina, whose career spans all sides of the tech and digital marketing space, has started a new venture Ethical Digital to change the trajectory of the internet. By working with businesses to help them put out content that focuses on Good while achieving marketing goals and partnering with venture capitalists to infuse more women in tech, her company hopes to make a sustainable impact.

A great conversation to listen to and use as a starting point to ask yourself if you and your business are using the internet for Good?

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We hear about Dave getting to re-connect with his parents who are in town for a visit which Greg transitions into introducing our guest for today, Katrina German. Katrina gives us an overview of her background and how she has worked in the entrepreneurship space.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Katrina explains how she got started along her current path and company of Ethical Digital. Katrina talks about the goals they are looking to accomplish by shifting the amount of women entrepreneurs in tech companies and shifting the internet more towards good. Dave asks about the impact Katrina is seeing happening on kids growing up on the internet. Katrina talks about the impact that is being found in research. Dave and Katrina share parenting incidents they’ve run into with their kids being on the internet.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Greg and Katrina discuss the services and training that Ethical Digital is putting together to help businesses do better on the internet. The group discusses Katrina’s book “Action Tracking: Digital Marketing Strategy In Under 30 Days” and talk about the next conversations they’d like to have.

Katrina German

Katrina German

Founder and CEO, Ethical Digital

Katrina German is an award-winning entrepreneur specializing in communications, technology and digital strategy. She is a seasoned executive, leader and strategist who has reached millions of people through digital storytelling and online media. Through her fifteen years in communications, she has worn many hats -Tech startup CEO, fundraiser, digital strategist, community manager, writer, television producer and host, video editor, speaker, and trainer. Katrina is in the CBC Future 40 Under 40, has won the YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Entrepreneurship, Startup Canada Prairie Award for Innovation, represented Canada at the G20 YEA Summit in Berlin, Germany and has won the prestigious international Women in Tech award for “Women in Communications”. As she launches her new initiative,, Katrina has the lofty goal of changing the trajectory of the internet.