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The last few months of COVID-19 has seen much of the world working from home. There have been multiple reports of small falls in emissions that while a breath of fresh air, is not big enough changes to impact climate change overall. Once we move back to a new normal, how we do make sure we are more conscious of the impact the ways we travel to work has on our environment? How should employers manage the impact created by their workforce? Well, there’s an app for that, and it’s called Luum. 

Kelly Hostetler, Director of Marketing, joins Greg and Dave to tell us all about how Luum is using technology to help shift the mindsets and behaviours as we all commute to work. Luum has a series of integrations like tracking when employees use a parking garage, tracking calories burned for biking to work and also giving a company an overall picture of the environmental impact their workforce is having. Luum is the type of software that could potentially change how we all think about our commutes.  

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Greg and Dave are going to the other coast on this episode to speak with Kelly Hostetler of Luum. We learn about what Luum is trying to do in helping corporations manage their employees commuting experience. Dave asks about the adoption of businesses using Luum and how the company got started. Kelly explains how the laws in place within Seattle to push companies to reduce commuting to get permits, etc. 

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
The group talks about how software like Luum is helping places Future Proof to build the infrastructure that is needed and not invest in those that aren’t required. Dave asks Kelly about the impact of COVID and work from home programs. Kelly explains that by offering flex work options, it changes behaviour. She gives an example of businesses realizing employees can’t pay for monthly parking and need to offer other options. Kelly explains benefits companies can provide like commute bonuses to encourage employees not to commute alone. Luum includes functionality for this in the app. 

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Greg asks about how things are logged and keep people from forgetting to log things. Kelly explains that Luum integrates with parking garages, rideshare apps and RFID chips to log a lot of the functionality automatically. Dave asks how long Luum has been active and if there are competitors. Kelly explains how Luum started about 7 1/2 years ago and started as a social good platform but pivoted when they found the bike share motivation and gamification push stuck with employers. Greg asks about smaller businesses using Luum. Kelly explains that they are working more with small employers from different small companies coming together, for example, like office parks. Dave asks Kelly about how they educate people about the app. Kelly explains how they encourage companies who speak about their programs. Greg explains what Hemmings House does to manage its carbon footprint through buying sustainable forest management. Kelly explains that Luum includes data like that at a company level and to an individual. 

30 Minutes – End 
Kelly talks about how they do take in considerations the types of vehicles that people drive as well within the app. 

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Kelly Hostetler

Kelly Hostetler

Director of Marketing, Luum

Kelly is the Director of Marketing at Luum where she helps employers implement innovative commuter benefits. Kelly has an extensive academic background both studying and teaching transportation planning at the University of Washington. At Luum, she finds great joy applying her knowledge of behavior change theory and transportation policy to help Luum’s partners reduce parking demand, attract and retain talent, and meet sustainability goals.

About Luum

Luum is a commute management platform that scales with organizations as their programs and policies evolve. Built to elevate policy-driven commute programs, Luum’s software unifies benefits administration, parking management, and mobility options for employees. Luum provides employers with a suite of commute tools as well as real-time data to drive behavior change, inform policy, boost employee engagement and augment corporate sustainability. With a current focus on providing safe, trusted and flexible commute options for frontline workers and those preparing for a return to the workplace, Luum understands that commute success looks different for every employer. Let’s move forward, together.