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Peter Oxley Shares His Entrepreneurial Path Of Networking To Success

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*Warning some explicit language used in this episode

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Making the right connections can make or break an entrepreneurs potential business idea. But how do you build those connections effectively in a global business market? Enter Liftoff Capital, a social platform that is a mix between Facebook, Linkedin and a Dating app designed to connect entrepreneurs with potential capital investors. 

Peter Oxley shares his entrepreneurial journey through the medical sales industry and gives us the background story, which led to the creation of Liftoff Capital. 

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We meet Peter Oxley, our guest for the day. His business partner Jake Swan was unable to make it, but we did learn about all the different connections that Greg and Dave have to Peter. We learn about Peter’s background, interests and his entrepreneurial journey.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Peter talks us through how he got his start in the medical sales industry and how he worked with others to build a network in Atlantic Canada. This network-building experience is what helped create the foundational ideas of his new startup, Liftoff Capital. Peter describes the platform as a mix between Facebook, Linkedin and a Dating app designed to connect entrepreneurs with potential capital investors. The group talks through the business model and initial stages of the launch of the platform. 

20 – 30 Minutes
Peter gives us some background of how he worked through finding the industry or fields that he wanted to focus on. He gives us some insight into what they are looking to do with the Liftoff Capital platform. Greg asks Peter about what’s next for his entrepreneurial journey. Peter explains his continued interest in growing his business and working in the medical device field. Dave tells us his story about almost passing out in an OR to highlight the experience of seeing specialists in action. Peter echoes how he enjoys the experience on a daily basis. 

Peter Oxley

Peter Oxley

President, TSG Medical and Co-Founder, Liftoff Capital

Peter’s career started spawning sturgeon and building fish hatcheries in Barbados, he then went on to help launch Viagra in Canada. Peter sold pharmaceuticals for many years all the time trying to figure out how to get into the pharma business for himself. I transitioned into surgical sales because he could envision setting up his own business in the surgical sales less capital intensive business. Peter worked for several years for Boston Scientific selling surgical equipment in Atlantic Canada. When the time was right, he left Boston Scientific and set up his own medical sales Agency in Atlantic Canada. This has since morphed into a National Company Peter founded called TSG Medical. Currently, it is Canadians largest independent micro surgical company. As president of TSG Medical, he has also been involved with the founding and inventing of the ND3 medical device – more to come on this very soon. To cap it all off Dr Jake Swan and Peter co-founded Liftoff Capital 1 year ago. It’s the worlds only social media site that helps to match entrepreneurs with investors. Think of it as Facebook meets LinkedIn smashed together with Eharmony.