The Art of The Interview

Hance Colburne Teaches Us About “Good Questions”

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We were very fortunate during our Live Boiling Point Process event to have some fantastic guests join us for Live podcast recordings. Today we share another episode from that Live recording day, our chat with Hance Colburne. 

Giving practical advice from his years of experience, Hance entertains us with an informative take on becoming a subject matter expert through learning from those you are interviewing. 

Episode Notes

First 5 Minutes
We introduce to Hance and his background and expertise. We jump right into talking about our topic of how to become a subject matter expert through interviewing. Hance emphasizes the importance of research for an informational interview to get the most of it. 

5 – 10 Minutes
Hance advises how to ask the right questions to get the most out of a conversation. Hence shares how important it is to get people talking about themselves through emotion and personal stories that connect. The group talks about an embarrassing moment while recording interviews. 

10 – 15 Minutes
Hance touches on some essential points around knowing your audience, listening to what the person you are interviewing is saying and focuses on what the goal of the interview is. 

The group talks about how important it is to remember that when you are doing an interview or speaking publicly that everyone who is listening or asking questions wants you to win. 

15 – 20 Minutes
Greg asks how people can get in touch with media and help get their stories out there. Hance speaks to how important it is to show your passion and to remember to tell the press about it. Stories can get missed just because no one told the press. Hance shares tips about connecting with media to have the best chance to get your story told. 

Hance Colburne

Hance Colburne

Professional Storyteller and Communicator

Hance’s professional life is about creating and sharing narratives that inspire a little bit of good in our community. In broadcast, in education, in government or philanthropy, he wants what he is doing to matter. Hance and his wife moved to Saint John, New Brunswick in 2008, and now have 2 true Saint Johners; 10-year-old Jana and 8-year-old Alec. They feel very fortunate to be living in a vibrant, welcoming city.

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