Be Seen As A Thought Leader Panel Discussion

Live Recording from The Boiling Point Process

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As part of our Boiling Point Process live event in December 2018 in Saint John, New Brunswick, we invited four sets of guests to join us on stage for live recordings of The Boiling Point. Today, we share one of those episodes featuring a panel of experts, Jim Kokocki, Rivers Corbett, Genevieve Coates and Kim Houlahan.

In this episode, our panel members join us to give their experience around Be Seen As A Thought Leader by speaking about the idea of platform anxiety, which is the third step in our Boiling Point Process: 4 Steps to Be Heard In A Noisy Market. 

Jim Kokocki

Ludlow 10135 Consulting and Training

Jim coaches, trains, and consults on topics including public speaking, leadership, volunteer leadership, and sales and marketing 

Rivers Corbett

Headspace for Entrepreneurs

“I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs get focus and eliminate their fears of failure.” 
– Rivers Corbett
I wasn’t born to be an entrepreneur. I just decided to be one
I began my journey in my early twenties and I have been pursuing that path ever since as a serial entrepreneur of numerous companies, TedX speaker, Entrepreneur in Residence for the province of New Brunswick, video author of 13 Fears of Entrepreneurs and host of the Startup Canada Podcast. As an entrepreneur thought leader I help entrepreneurs face their fear of failure by showing them what to do to be successful. 91% of the clients my team works with are still in business two years. The best stat in the industry from companies working with entrepreneurs.

Genevieve Coates

Generate Creative Consulting

Genevieve Coates is a marketing & technology consultant who focuses on helping small and medium sized business achieve their goals. After graduating with a double major bachelor degree in English and Theatre from Dalhousie University, Genevieve Coates started working in Customer Service focused roles across various industry. Now over 10 years later, she has worked in small businesses, start-up culture and for one of the largest global corporate enterprises, Salesforce. Her experience ranges from roles in Customer Service, Onboarding, Support Operations and Community Management. Regardless of role, Genevieve has always been known as an individual that gets work done by thinking outside of the box and using a variety of approaches to achieve the necessary goals.

Kim Houlahan

The Houlahan Group

A marketing consultant with over 30 years of experience, The Houlahan Group founder Kim Houlahan works with small businesses as their virtual, online marketing department. With a focus on helping her clients make more money by improving the relationships they have with their clients, Kim’s past and current work include strategic & tactical marketing communications specializing in online marketing: writing, editing, branding, photography, website development, email marketing, social media, and online surveys. Kim has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography*) from the University of Ottawa.