Thought Leadership: Own Your Narrative

Leanne Bucaro Helps Business Leaders Tell Their Stories

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Going to war and experiencing violence first-hand changes a person. It can take a person to dark places inside themselves. It can make them believe they have nothing else to do or give back in life besides their sacrifice to their country.

Patrick Gordon, a veteran, found himself repeating a pattern of relying on alcohol, making a bad choice and then wanting to do better again and again after leaving the service. A moment of clarity four years ago helped him realize how he didn’t want to repeat what he experienced growing up and how he wanted to find a way to have a positive impact on his community. That opportunity arose during the start of the pandemic when a friend shared how many kids were living their lives in poverty and food scarcity. Patrick and a group of like-minded individuals jumped into action, and Operation Feed SJ was born.

We recorded this conversation with Patrick in September 2021 when they had delivered over 25,000 meals up to that point. We’re now happy to share that Operation SJ has achieved registered charity status. Through Patrick’s War on Hunger, he is not only facing down a foe to us all, he is helping children in the Saint John community who can’t control their circumstances see positive adult role models who they know they can rely on to keep battling shoulder to shoulder.

Thank you, Patrick, for sharing a raw and honest view of how we don’t need to be held down in life by circumstances we can’t control. Going to war changes a person, but in this case, it started Patrick on a path to change the lives of so many children.

***Please note this episode contains use of profanity.***


Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Greg is taking a little hiatus from The Boiling Point, so we’ve tagged in an amazing guest host, David Savoie. David starts strong as a guest host by bringing along a friend he met through the YPO community as our first guest, Leanne Bucaro. Leanne introduces us to herself as co-CEO of InfinityComm and the founder. Leanne explains how they’ve been focusing on thought leadership for the CEO.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Leanne explains what Thought Leadership is to them and what they are working to achieve, highlighting that they are looking to help people tell their stories and teach others at the end of the day. Leanne explains her views on the difference between social media influencers and business thought leaders. Dave asks about what Leanne learned when speaking with YPO CEO around the idea of thought leaders.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Dave shares a story of the choice to incorporate in his past with hockey and asks if that hesitancy is common. David S. asks if it’s fair to say it’s not always about profit. The group talks about the different motivations people have that are not always connected to sales—the difference between sales vs thought leadership. The group talks about using social media to push out your thought leadership.

Leanne Bucaro

Leanne Bucaro

CEO and Founder, Infinity Comm

Alan always says: “It’s amazing and fun to live in Leanne’s World…for everyone except Leanne.” Leanne uses her (diagnosed) ADHD (Look! A squirrel!) to her utmost advantage. Her ability to have six conversations and perform four tasks while juggling and putting on lipstick is really quite astounding. Odd that she is “drama-averse” while being a lightning rod for drama. Creatively at the edge, she is fun and brilliant and that’s all that matters. Leanne’s World IS a reality show waiting to happen.