Suffering From Death by Meetings? Elise Keith Can Help!

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Ever walk out of a meeting and think “What was that even about? How do I get that hour back?”. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been in that moment. Enter Elise Keith, CEO of Lucid Meetings, whose goal is to help businesses not just have better meetings, but to use meetings as a way of driving overall business success.

Episode Highlights

First 5 Minutes
The guys discuss names as they give a couple updates about their children and the connection to our guest Elise Keith’s name. Elise introduces us to what she does as CEO of Lucid Meetings.

5 – 10 Minutes
Dave asks how the idea of forming a company around successful meetings happened. Elise explains the catalyst from her professional career that made her realize how when a meeting works well it can have productive outcomes. Elise explains the impact that adopting Agile (a software development methodology) helped her in forming successful meeting techniques.

10 – 15 Minutes
Elise explains how people who lead meetings generally find they are successful because they have clear purpose, they know what to expect and they have a chance to engage. These are goals that everyone would like from meetings.

Elise shares that if you are talking about meetings in general, you are setting yourself up to failure. With meetings with clients, interviews, pitches, etc. you think about what your objective is and you prepare to reach it. That should be the goal of every meeting.

Elise says there are 16 different types of meetings and sometimes you need to pop out topics to other meetings to keep the focus and success of meetings.

15 – 20 Minutes
The group talks about the structure of meetings and tools that can be used to achieve the goals in the meeting. Greg asks about how to balance introverted and extroverted personalities in meetings to ensure that all voices are heard. Elise acknowledges that it’s a tricky task and explains how you can design structurally meetings to give everyone have a chance to speak.

20 – 25 Minutes
The group talks about the advantage of setting aside time in a meeting or training structure to give people silence time to write down their thoughts or talk directly to one person and then share highlights with the large group.

Dave asks Elise about how her company engages with an organization when they are looking to improve their meetings.

Elise speaks about her book, how to reach her and how to get in touch with her.

25 – 30 Minutes
Greg and Dave give their takeaways from the episode.

Elise Keith

Elise Keith

Lucid Meetings, Co-Founder

Elise is the co-founder and CEO of Lucid Meetings and Meeting School. Author of Where the Action Is: The Meetings That Make or Break Your Organization She’s also the author of the Ask the Meeting Maven column,  Regular contributor and expert commentator on all things business meetings (as seen in BBC News, SHRM Magazine, Industry Week, and the Savvy Dentist podcast). Elise is a speaker, educator, and enthusiastic champion for better meetings everywhere.

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