Jessica GioGlio Shares The Importance of Business Storytelling

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Everyone has a story to tell, but you might need some help finding yours. Jessica GioGlio has the experience, knowledge and passion for helping tell unique, engaging stories. She shares with Greg and Dave her personal story of breaking into the marketing space and explains some of the reasons businesses struggle to tell their stories. 

Episode Highlights

First 5 Mins
Greg takes a stab at Jessica’s last name with less than favourable results. Jessica gives us a break down of her background and how she got started with her writing career.

5 – 10 Mins
Greg asks Jessica about her thoughts on storytelling and how people can find their stories. Jessica explains how she got started on her marketing start through her content work and storytelling on Savvy Bostonian.

Dave asks what Jessica feels stops people from telling their stories. Jessica talks about the challenges that people run into from not knowing what makes a good story, to fear of being judged or wondering if your story is good enough.

10 – 15 Mins

The group talks about how to get over the fear of negative comments. Jessica shares how to find the pillars that you want to be known for around your own story.

15 – 20 Mins

The group talks about what companies are standing out as telling great stories. The primary example Jessica uses was GE, General Electric and shares some of the ways they’ve told stories.

20 – 25 Mins

Jessica explains her experience at TripAdvisor and how they used content marketing to expand their marketing and how different forms of content can impact your storytelling abilities.

25 – 30 Mins

Dave asked what brought Jessica to London, and she explains her journey of falling in love with London and feeling at home there. Jessica also describes the program she was able to apply for to help her make that move.

Jessica GioGlio

Jessica GioGlio

Marketing Innovator and Author

Jessica Gioglio is a recognized marketing innovator and the co-author of, The Power of Visual StorytellingandThe Laws of Brand Storytelling.”

Jessica has spent over a decade leading transformative marketing, public relations and social media programs for best-in-class companies including Dunkin’ Donuts, TripAdvisor, Nokia, State Street, Comcast, Sprinklr, and more.

From advising leading companies on social media and digital business transformation, to leading an award-winning public relations and social media program for Dunkin’ Donuts, or developing viral communications programs for TripAdvisor, Jessica thrives on delivering growth through marketing innovation.

A recognized thought leader and sought after speaker, Jessica was named one of the top marketing leaders to follow by LinkedIn, HubSpot, TopRank Online Marketing, the UK’s We Are The City, and more. Jessica’s thought leadership and industry commentary has been featured in USA Today, CNBC, PR Week, ComputerWorld, Chief Marketer, and more.

Based in London, Jessica holds a bachelor of science in marketing from Bentley University. In her spare time, Jessica explores the world and writes about her adventures in her lifestyle blog, The SavvyBostonian.

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