Growing Your Business Through Authenticity

Stephen Somers Shares His Journey From Amazon Seller to eLearning Provider

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If you aren’t willing to invest, how can you turn around and expect someone to buy from you? Our guest Stephen Somers shares how he and his business partner turned their successful business as Amazon sellers into an eLearning business teaching others to sell their products and services. A genuinely engaging conversation hearing how they’ve built in longevity to their business by layering in optional services that help to solve the issues they know their clients may hit when they are out running their businesses. Best of all, in this interview, Greg, Dave and Stephen all come together to emphasis the importance of authenticity in everything you do when connecting and growing your business model.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We jump right into getting to know our guest today, Stephen Somers as he gives us the background of his career, growth in the online selling world as an Amazon and eBay seller.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
The group talks about the benefits of the coaching/teaching relationship on both sides of the equation. The group talks about how Stephen and his partner made the switch from being Amazon sellers to training other people how to sell on Amazon.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The conversation shifts to how Stephen and his partner have found ways to upsell their education company but offering services they will need when they start working within their business. Stephen explains the three different styles of growing a business and the area that they’ve focused on using.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
The group talks about the lifestyle and branding in the internet space and how important it is on your sales. A good discussion ensues around the importance of authenticity in your business.

Stephen Somers

Stephen Somers

Co-founder, Marketplace SuperHeroes

Stephen is a co-founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes, an education platform that teaches members how to create a 5-7 figure income stream selling products on Amazon.

He and his business partner, Robert Rickey, are both 7-figure Amazon sellers, and serial entrepreneurs who have built Marketplace SuperHeroes, as well as a full Freight Company and Accountancy Service for Amazon sellers.

Stephen has spoken all over the world, helping over 3,800 individuals build real, sustainable, and global businesses on Amazon selling boring, everyday items across multiple markets (not just .com!).
Stephen says, “We are all about helping our community of Heroes create home based lifestyle businesses selling simple, every day products globally on Amazon. Our aim is to create the #1 platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to come to learn how to build a real business from people who have ACTUALLY done it.”
“This is because we are genuinely passionate about seeing our members become true business owners rather than just ‘another Amazon seller looking for the next bright shiny object’ – we are painfully focused on making sure that our members learn the skills required to become world class business owners who will have the ability to create income for YEARS, not just months or weeks, as well as the confidence to know that they can build any business with the skills they’ve learned from us.”

Stephen Somers is the co-founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes, an online education and services company that helps people across the world learn how to sell their own products globally on Amazon from complete scratch. Together with his business partner, Robert Rickey, they have sold over $12m of products globally on Amazon and have helped over 4500 people learn to do the same.


Marketplace SuperHeroes

For over 20 cumulative years both Robert Rickey & Stephen Somers (co-founders of MPSH) have sold millions of dollars of simple, every day physical products globally on Amazon in multiple niches without any outside funding. In just 2 years the MPSH community has generated millions in revenue and has become the #1 place to learn how to build a sustainable, global Amazon empire.