Building Resilience: An Unsettled Entrepreneurship Story

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We are thrilled to be launching a new partnership series with a special hour-long episode today. In working with a few sponsors like Opportunities NB, we will be focusing our next few episodes on featuring New Brunswick business leaders and entrepreneurs to talk about resilience. Right now, during uncertain health, lifestyle, and economic times building resilient strategies in your business and life is key to not just surviving but thriving.

Today, our guest and fellow podcaster is our good friend Matt George of Unsettled Podcast. We hear about Matt’s journey this year tackling a challenging health situation, making a significant career choice pivot to become a full-time entrepreneur and dealing with the unexpected growth of the new business while balancing health and wellbeing. Not to mention all of this happening on the backdrop of a global pandemic. Matt also uses the opportunity to flip the script and interview Greg and Dave in his podcast style to learn about their life moments that taught them resiliency and life lessons.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
The group reconnect and discuss the topics they will be discussing related to resilience in all facets of life.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Matt tells us his journey the last few months in dealing with his medical issues, launching a new business during a pandemic and joining full time the entrepreneurship culture.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group talks about the life of an entrepreneur and how resilience plays into your priority in life change.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
The group discusses finding your path in life and building a foundation. The group shares stories of pivotal moments in their lives and careers and speak to the resilient actions they’ve had to undertake.

40 Minutes – 50 Minutes
The group continue to pull resilient lessons out of their experiences in life.

50 Minutes – 60 Minutes
Greg and Dave answer Matt’s rapid-fire questions.

Matt George

Matt George

Founder and CEO, Unsettled Media Podcast Network

Matt George is the Founder & CEO of the Unsettled Media Podcast Network. He is a podcast producer and writer focused on helping people navigate 21st-century change using the timeless principles of the world’s best. The Network currently hosts podcasts on economic development, deep change, neuro-diversity, technology, transformational leadership practices in the HR sector and more. If you want to learn more about Matt’s work and the growth of the Unsettled Media Podcast Network. Subscribe to his podcast Unsettled with Matt George, subscribe to the Unsettled Newsletter on Substack, or go to

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