Breaking Generational Poverty One Kid At A Time
Jen Brown shares how the work of P.R.O. Kids is evening the playing field

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Poverty plays a huge role in children’s experiences in the arts, culture, recreation, or sports as they grow up. But as today’s guest helps to explain to us, being a part of a team can help children learn the life skills needed to pull themselves out of generational poverty.

Jen Brown joins us to educate Dave and Greg on the P.R.O. Kids Saint John program. Jen shares how she realized she was growing up in poverty through inequalities in access to equipment at high school tryouts. She helps to highlight how it’s so easy for kids in lower-income situations to give up on being part of a team or involved in an activity because of the financial roadblocks. P.R.O. Kids helps local children and youth in financial need by helping with registration fees, equipment and transportation in the arts, culture, recreation or sports activity of their choice.

We want to thank Jen for being so open with her story, and we applaud the efforts of P.R.O. Kids to give every child in financial need the experience of being part of a team of artistic activity. If sports or the arts helped teach you life skills, listen to this episode for a perspective you may not have been aware of. Then, if you’re able, reach out and donate to P.R.O. Kids.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We are introduced to Jen Brown to learn all about the P.R.O. Kids initiative and her own story of breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Jen highlights what Pro Kids can provide.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Jen shares how she was affected by generational poverty upon reaching high school and how it shifted what sports she participated in with encouragement from a teacher. Dave shares how sports have played a role in his life and how he can see its impact on students. The group talks about how sports and other activities help to give people equal standing once they are playing or on the teams.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group discusses how local business can get involved and how people can donate to P.R.O. Kids. Jen shares some of the success stories that P.R.O. Kids have helped people achieve.

Jen Brown

Jen Brown

P.R.O. Kids

Jennifer is an active volunteer and role model in community. She is passionate about eliminating poverty throughout the region and works to advocate for many young people. She supports a number of community initiatives through her work and volunteer commitments. She is determined to make a difference by sharing her story and working to ensure others are provided with opportunities to succeed.

Jennifer currently Chairs the YMCA’s Youth Council, a committee of young professionals working to engage youth in our region to be actively involved in their community. She is the Chair for PRO Kids Saint John and coaches the St. Malachy’s Memorial High School Field Hockey team.

A true advocate for youth empowerment and a dedicated volunteer, Jennifer holds achievements such as a Fundy Wellness Champion, City of Saint John Volunteer Award, the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award, an Outstanding Student Leader and the YMCA’s Red Triangle Leader to Watch.

P.R.O. Kids SJ

P.R.O. Kids helps local children and youth in financial need, up to the age of 18. Applicants are matched in the arts, culture, recreation or sport activity of their choice.
P.R.O. Kids can help with registration fees, equipment and transportation. All administrative costs for P.R.O. Kids are covered by local municipalities, allowing all donations to P.R.O. Kids to go directly to the children.