Breaking Brave

Marilynn Barefoot’s Podcast Shares Stories That Need To Be Heard

In This Episode

Over the last two years, many people have undergone career changes, most unexpectedly. Like any life changes, these have challenged some to go outside their comfort zones. But how do we measure that comfort zone idea, and what does it mean to be brave to expand past it? Our returning guest Marilyn Barefoot joins us to talk about her career changes and the experience of building her new podcast, Breaking Brave.


In This Episode

First 10 Minutes
The group meets Marilyn who shares her story of how the pandemic effects her business in hosting brainstorming sessions and keynote training. She speaks about her podcast she launched during the time when people moved away from requesting her services.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
The group talks about the experience of creating a podcast during the pandemic and the idea of “Breaking Brave”. Dave asks what Marilyn has learned about herself through the podcast process.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group discusses what it takes to be brave and recognize moments when they are brave. Especially after COVID, nobody wants slides. Dave’s learning from the podcast is just letting go.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
The group discusses the impact that being yourself can give you when people are there to support and encourage.

Marilyn Barefoot

Marilyn Barefoot

Author, Speaker, Consultant

A leader in business for over thirty years and just selected by The Message as a Mighty Woman in Business for their inaugural Mighty Women List in 2022, winner of CSPN’s Women In Leadership Customer XP award in 2020, and awarded Woman of the Year in 2021 by the Golden Bridge Awards, Marilyn Barefoot is one of the most sought-after innovators and creative problem solvers in business. Marilyn’s clients include several of the world’s most recognizable brands; all of whom call on Marilyn when they need to get unstuck. Marilyn’s impressively diverse clientele ranges from Viacom, The NHL, MTV and Bell Media; to Burger King, BET, Cineplex, KPMG, TD, RBC, Campbell’s Soup, and Harley-Davidson; to name just a few.

Marilyn’s unique ability to reinvigorate, revitalize, and problem solve in business has helped a broad spectrum of companies jump over their biggest hurdles. As a speaker, coach, and ideator, Marilyn’s innovative approach humanizes commerce in order to truly see the people behind the business. This empowers organizations to reconnect the dots and find the missing links they need to re-energize their approach and overcome their biggest challenges.

Marilyn’s previous leadership experience; as CEO of SquarePeg Inc., and in senior leadership positions at some of the world’s largest global agencies (BBDO, Cossette, Vickers & Benson, Bozell Palmer Bonner), awakened her obsession with originality. This led her to the creation of countless award-winning campaigns for tier-one companies. Among them, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, General Mills, Nike and Microsoft.
Marilyn’s first-hand understanding of business leadership has cultivated her ability to lead other leaders; galvanizing the greatest strengths of CEOS and associates alike. Marilyn brings a distinctive combination of extensive experience, training, and passion for creative problem solving to her high-energy sessions; all with a proven track record for producing powerful results. For more from Marilyn, catch her on her podcast Breaking Brave.