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  • Rose discusses with Greg and Dave how she founded, a Canadian firm that helps people shift into thrive.
  • Rose talks about her adventure in finding her passion for music and states how music, communications and math are all integrated.
  • She talks about how she moved into project advisory and how she wanted to empower teams to learn how to work together better. When Rose moved to New Brunswick, she shifted into the workshops and professional developments where she has taught over 15,000 people.
  • Listen in on this episode to hear Rose talk about her upcoming workshop events, the multi million dollar projects she has worked on and how she plans on continuing to make an impact on empowering teams.
Rose Hastreiter

Rose Hastreiter

  • Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, she has worked through Canada and in 2009, moved her office and production studio to the spectacular Fundy Isles region in New Brunswick.
  • As the daughter of a WWII survivor, she began her career at a young age so to take care of herself and her father who navigated the daily impacts of post-war trauma.
  • By the age of 20, she was representing Canada as a speaker at international conferences while finishing her degree at UBC and developing her management consulting profession.
  • Her specialty is empowering project team functionality, action follow-through, and productivity. Her workshops boost quality of action through an integrated tactical and human approach.

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