The Riipen Platform – How Dana Stepherson is Changing Education

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In This Episode

  • A first on The Boiling Point, Dave and Greg used Facebook Live.
  • Their guest, Dana Stephenson from Vancouver, B.C., discusses his path to his current business, Riipen. Riipen is a company that is helping students access real world education for schools across America.
  • Dana speaks about how many schools are joining. He also describes his transition from a business class in high school to building a company that helps students.
Dana Stephenson

Dana Stephenson

Founder of Riipen

  • Dana is a lifelong learner and radical doer. He has a passion for bridging the skills gap between education and industry.
  • He combined his interests in social entrepreneurship, education technology, and HR to set himself on a path to improve education.
  • Dana launched Riipen, an online learning platform that enables schools to provide meaningful project-based learning.

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