Embracing Ambiguity


Introducing Trevor Haldenby and The Mission Business

Is there a better profession to put on your business card than time traveller? Probably not, but that is exactly what this week’s Boiling Point guest has on his card. Trevor Haldenby is an imaginative futurist, entrepreneur, and researcher who helps people and organizations build a creative vision of the world of tomorrow.

As an entrepreneur and consultant Trevor has 10 years of experience bringing business innovation, strategic foresight, and digital storytelling to global organizations. In 2012, Trevor co-founded The Mission Business Inc., a creative studio that designs immersive events and performances set within different future scenarios. As President of The Mission Business, he designs and delivers critically acclaimed public art projects and interactive workshops that enable leadership teams and the masses to “time travel” into possible, plausible, and preferable future scenarios.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how travelling to the future could give you better understanding of the challenges we will one day face.


In this episode

  • Monica Adair is back filling in for Greg Hemmings.
  • We hear how Greg met Trevor at a 21 Inc. event for leaders in Atlantic Canada.
  • Trevor tells us all about the Mission Business and what they do.
  • We learn what futurists do and how they help our society.
  • Trevor tells us how futurists need to be comfortable with ambiguity.
  • We hear how science fiction seems to be the “gateway drug” for those seeking a future as a futurist.
  • We hear how businesses use futurists to translate big ideas.
  • Trevor discusses how everything in the world has been designed.
  • We hear about a NASA conference that used the Mission Business to illustrate some big ideas and how they did so.
  • Monica and Dave admire the ability to not fear the unknown and be comfortable in ambiguity.