The Mighty Introvert


Introducing Luis Vazquez and

What type of person do you think of when you think of an entrepreneur? Most likely you think of a boisterous visionary type who stands out from the crowd. While this is often how we characterize entrepreneurs, this isn’t always the case. Many entrepreneurs would consider themselves introverts who would much rather an evening of quiet contemplation than an evening of schmoozing at a networking social. Sadly, many entrepreneurial-minded introverts never take the first steps to pursuing their own business because there is so much interaction in starting a business and with the selling process. Today’s Boiling Point guest is out to smash the misconception that introverts cannot be successful business people; they just need to go about things a different way.

Luis Vazquez calls himself a creative hustler but is also a freelance developer, a former break-dancer, and an introvert who helps other introverts to shine with his website, His message to introverts is to stop pretending to be extraverts.   This can be hard for some because a lot of the resources out there are designed for the more extraverted. The resource that Luis has developed has not only helped him and his own business, but countless other introverts.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to fully empower yourself or your favorite introvert.


In this episode

  • Monica is back filling in for Greg.
  • We hear about how Greg met Luis at a Seth Godin event.
  • The group discusses the benefits to being both an introvert and an extravert.
  • Luis tells us about how difficult it was initially for him to become a freelancer as an introvert.
  • Luis tells us about his background as a first generation Mexican-American in a poor neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and how some of this played into his introversion.
  • Luis also tells us how in Mexican culture can see introverts as ‘the alphas’.
  • We hear how by trying to sell as an extravert Luis was rewarded with $150 and a Burger King Sandwich. We then hear how this all changed when he tried some different strategies.
  • Luis tells us why improvisation or “winging it” doesn’t work for introverts as much as for extraverts, but there is a better strategy.
  • Dave mentions how some extraverts have no problem speaking, but often have difficulty truly listening.
  • Luis tells us how introverts can be team players, but in a different way.
  • He also tells us that being in more extraverted situations can become easier if you treat the situation like building a muscle.
  • We hear how introverts are not necessarily shy.
  • Dave is drawn in by Luis and agrees there is so much to learn about the diversity of strengths we all bring.
  • Monica sees how introverts and extraverts really do compliment each other and we also hear how this played out in her office’s creative brainstorming sessions.