Positivity and Transparency

Reintroducing Jake Rothschild and Jake’s Ice Cream

Social media can be an incredibly powerful force for good, but often it is used to spread vitriol and to create a platform for unconstructive argument. Many are looking to tune out the negativity including this week’s Boiling Point guest, Jake Rothschild.

Jake was a previous guest of the Boiling Point and had introduced us to his amazing Joyscream, possibly the world’s healthiest ice cream. Like many Americans, Jake has many reservations about the USA’s current political environment, the division of its people, and the negativity and arguments he sees being spread online. As a man who knows how to get people’s attention, Jake is trying to change the conversation online by spreading positivity and by being transparent.

Jake has decided to remain apolitical for the foreseeable future but wants to promote the good news that is still out there. One great example of this was a Facebook page he created to follow his journey to lose weight. Within 60 days, Jake had lost 24 lbs. and was amazed by the number of people that joined his group sharing their own stories and cheering him on.

Check out this episode to see how Jake is spreading the positive vibes on this episode of the Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • We hear how Jake gave Greg a marketing idea, which resulted in Greg finally selling his cottage.
  • Jake tells us his thoughts on America’s current political environment.
  • We hear about Jake’s former life within the media.
  • Jake shows us some of the flaws of the current social media landscape and how it can make people miserable.
  • We hear how he stopped being political online but started spreading the positive.
  • Jake tells us how the support he found on social media helped him to lose 24 lbs. in 60 days.
  • We also hear about Jake’s food business incubator is helping to launch other people’s businesses at the Irwin Street Market in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • We hear how brands like Uber are jumping on board with Jake.
  • Jake tells us how the community kitchen is a great way to test out new products without a huge investment.
  • We discuss how the incubator is like a venture capitalist where the currency is expertise and positivity.