The B Corp Bank

Introducing Craig Ryan and BDC

Financing is a big deal for entrepreneurs, but so often the charter banks just don’t “get” entrepreneurs. Luckily for Canadians, there is an option out there that is exclusively for entrepreneurs and they really do “get it”. That bank is the Business Development Bank of Canada and their director of social entrepreneurship, Craig Ryan, is our Boiling Point Guest this week.

The BDC was created by the federal government with the purpose to support entrepreneurship with special attention to small and medium sized businesses with loans, investments, and advising. The BDC is not just the bank for entrepreneurs but is also a B Corp and a great supporter of the cause. Check out this week’s episode of the Boiling Point to see how financing your social venture can be accomplished with the BDC.


In this episode

  • We meet Craig and hear about how he and the BDC helped spread the message of “The Millennial Dream”.
  • We hear about the purpose of the BDC and why that purpose is not a “mandate”.
  • Dave mentions the difference between his experiences as an entrepreneur with the charter banks and the BDC.
  • Craig tells us a little about some great B Corps across the country that you may not have heard about.
  • We delve into Craig’s background to see how he became a director of social entrepreneurship at BDC.
  • Craig tells us why the B Corp movement is so important to him and the BDC.
  • We also hear how Greg and “the Millennial Dream” were used as bait.
  • Craig also tells us about the Measure What Matters Tool, which is available on the BDC website and how it can measure your business’s impact in a very short amount of time.
  • Dave thinks it is so cool that a bank is helping promote the message in “the Millennial Dream”.
  • Greg is proud to be a part owner (along with all other Canadians) in a bank that gets entrepreneurs and believes in them.