From Break to B Lab


Introducing Joyce Sou and B Lab

It seems we all live busy lives. We all have obligations and commitments that take up our working and non-working hours and often this leads to a lack of time to sit back and reflect. As our Boiling Point guest this week could tell us, taking some time away from your daily grind can help you reassess your situation and put you on a completely different path.

Joyce Sou went to business school and didn’t really know what she wanted to as a career path. At the time, she decided to take the path of least resistance to become an accountant and later an auditor in consumer markets. Though she credits her experience in these roles for developing her leadership skills, she knew that her current career path wasn’t what she wanted to do long term. After getting married, Joyce and her husband decided that they were going to take a break and had a sabbatical year to travel around the world and as an unintended consequence she learned a great deal about social enterprise.

To learn more about the results of her sabbatical and her work with B Lab, check out this episode of the Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • We meet Joyce and hear about her work with B Lab in Canada.
  • Joyce tells us about her background and what led her to take a sabbatical that would change her life.
  • Joyce tells us how her time away gave her the ability to reassess her career path and to realize that the world still spins when you step back from your commitments.
  • Dave and Greg consider the merits of taking a sabbatical themselves.
  • We discuss how taking time away would lead to a different perspective.
  • Joyce tells us how she then got involved with B Lab and how business can help impact the world for good.
  • We discuss the merits of being a B Corporation or just taking the B Impact Assessment.
  • Joyce tells us how two hours of your time on the B Impact Assessment could give you a benchmark of how your company stands.
  • We also hear how Joyce is getting involved in hockey to one-day pay with her daughter.
  • Dave is inspired by the way that Joyce found her way to B Lab.
  • Greg considers how using a sabbatical as a reset is so interesting.