He Wrote the Book


Introducing Ryan Honeyman and LIFT Economy

With increasing interest in B-Corp companies, many are left wondering how to learn more about the craze and how they can get involved. To this purpose, this week we have Ryan Honeyman from LIFT Economy who is also the writer of “The B Corp Handbook”.

Ryan is no stranger to the B Corp movement. In 2011, he started his own solo consulting firm focusing on making companies more sustainable and soon he heard rumblings of the B Corp movement and was impressed at its ability to measure and manage social and environmental impact. The trouble was explaining what B Corps were in a 30 second elevator pitch, so for those who wanted to know more he wrote “The B Corp Handbook”.

Today, Ryan is a partner at LIFT Economy, which is an impact-consulting firm that seeks to create, model, and share locally self-reliant economy for the benefit of all life. Ryan is also a podcaster for Next Economy Now and is currently fundraising for a Best for the World/B Corp accelerator called the Force for Good.

Check out this episode to learn even more about the B Corp movement.


In this episode

  • Ryan tells us a little about himself and LIFT Economy.
  • We learn how he got interested in B Corps and how he ended up writing the book on the movement.
  • We learn how companies that are not B Corps are using the assessment to benchmark their company’s performance.
  • Ryan tells us about his Force For Good Accelerator Fund and how the money is being raised through equity-based crowd funding.
  • There is a discussion on crowd funding and what makes equity crowd funding different.
  • Ryan tells us a bit about the Next Economy Now podcast for which he is a member.
  • Dave is impressed with how Ryan is so generous with his time and knowledge and his approach to financing B Corps.
  • Greg is inspired by how people like Ryan are doing such amazing things so selflessly.