Get Moving


Introducing Matt Forgie and Forfitness & Athletics

Most of us have had that ache in the lower back and many come to the realization that it is probably time to see the chiropractor for a “crack”. However, maybe taking this reactionary stance to pain is the wrong approach. Instead, the better option could be to be proactive and to start moving well. If this is the case, then maybe Matt Forgie is the chiropractor and strength coach for you.

After completing, a degree in organic chemistry and then another degree as a biologist, Matt decided that he wanted a job where he could interact with people on a daily basis. He decided to follow the path of both of his parents to become a chiropractor. However, what makes Matt’s practice different then your typical chiropractor is that he takes a movement based approach that focuses on making your body function is better ways. In the same way we brush our teeth to avoid having to see the dentist more often, Matt’s exercise based approach gets you moving to avoid painful injuries. Matt recently built a gymnasium to do just this in Rothesay, New Brunswick and now works with a diverse group of patients from the elderly to children, and from Olympic athletes to those suffering from paralysis.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see what the new model for physical health can do for you.


In this episode

  • Greg and Dave talk about City on Fire and the reactions they have heard about it.
  • We meet Matt and learn how he went from studying organic chemistry to becoming a chiropractor and strength coach.
  • We learn why it is so important to learn how to move well.
  • Matt tells us how Forfitness & Athletics changes the game in his industry.
  • Matt tells us how his mentors from around the world impact they way he practices.
  • We hear why the movement-based approach is similar to brushing our teeth for dental health.
  • Greg gets instruction on how to take care of his back when travelling so often.
  • We learn about how Matt’s business model encapsulates both fitness and healing.
  • There is a discussion on the limitation that we put on ourselves and how our fear impacts our fitness.
  • Matt tells us that the mantra of “No Pain, No Gain” is no good.