A Culture Designed for All

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Introducing Joe Brewer and Evonomics

Looking back through history you could find many examples of capitalism running amuck. There are even recent examples of those with money and power abusing those with less.   This week’s guest sees a massive global change coming and hopes he might be able to inspire a cultural design.

Joe Brewer is the co-founder and editor of Evonomics magazine, a research director for TheRules.org and a coordinator for the newly forming Cultural Evolution Society. Joe is a complexity researcher and also an evangelist for the field of cultural design and he hopes to see a transition in society to sustainability.

Check out this episode to see why we are where we are in society, how things could change and what that would take in a very interesting episode of the Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Greg tells us how he sold his cottage with national exposure by “hacking the system”.
  • Greg describes Joe as the ultimate culture hacker.
  • Joe tells us how he became interested in cultural design.
  • Greg tells us how he and Joe first met.
  • Joe tells us why there needs to be an evolution in our current economic system.
  • We learn how the model of economics we have now is based on good ideas that were coopted and other stupid assumptions.
  • We also hear how certain stories and institutions hold up our system.
  • We also learned how an important picture taken decades ago served as an important hack on our stories of separation.
  • Joe dives into a time in the evolution of modern economics called the enclosure movement and how this has led us astray.
  • We learn how co-ops and b-corps are taking us to a more balanced place.
  • We hear how we are at a crux in our culture, which could lead to either a breakdown or a renaissance.
  • We also learn that there is a biological basis for empathy and how the simplest culture hack is to just smile at people.