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Introducing Craig Pinhey, The Beer and Wine Guy

The best type of hobby is one you can turn into a job. That is exactly what Craig Pinhey did with his love of beer, wine, and spirits.

Craig is a trained engineer but his passion was wine and spirits. When he and his wife moved for her to take a new job, Craig saw it as the perfect time to take the plunge into writing on beer and wine. At the time, New Brunswick didn’t have any columnists of this type. Decades later, Craig continues to write for three provincial papers and gets to live his passion.

Learn how you can turn your hobby into your pay cheque in this episode of the Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Craig comes prepared with beers from some of New Brunswick’s best microbrewers.
  • We learn how Craig got involved as a beer, wine and spirits writer.
  • Craig also tells us about the explosive growth in micro brewing throughout the Atlantic Provinces.
  • He tells us how the market potential is still “untapped”.
  • We learn why brewpubs in smaller towns are so successful.
  • Craig tells us about some of his adventures in writing on wine.
  • He also tells us about a beer opener he got from what he thought was a pub in Germany.


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