The Future is Coming


Introducing Paul French and Innovation & Technology Today

Thomas Fuller once said, “He that fears not the future may enjoy the present.” Though we may be uneasy about where the advances of technology will take us, the future is coming and it is best to understand where we might be going.

This week, the Boiling Point welcomes Paul French. Paul is the Managing Editor of Innovation and Tech Today, a national quarterly magazine that features columns, essays, and interviews with scientists, celebrities, and business leaders. The latest fall issue includes Michael Fassbender, Michio Kaku, Mark Hamill, and more. We brought Paul in to speak about all things futuristic.

For all those thinking about technology and the future, this is your episode.


In this episode

  • Dave tells us about how Greg is now Saint John Famous.
  • Greg tells us how he met up with Paul at Sustainable Brands.
  • Paul tells us how he is constantly surprised by present technology.
  • Paul tells us how the technology he covers both excites him and can make him feel a sense of dread.
  • We learn about what current futurist are predicting for our near future.
  • Paul discusses how we are naturally hard wired to be fearful of the future but we eventually adapt to it.
  • We learn about reticular neural networks and how it could change the journalism of our future.
  • Paul tells us how virtual reality will become as everyday as our home computer.
  • We also discuss how technology will change how we learn leading to more critical analysis and less rote learning.