The Chief Spiritual Advisor


Introducing Sean Dunbar and Picaroons Traditional Ales

Sean Dunbar has a great gig; he brews, drinks, and talks about beer for a living. More than that though, Sean is the owner of Picaroons Traditional Ales and he has been a catalyst and shaper of the New Brunswick craft brewing industry.

Sean has had his ups and downs within the industry, but has been able to not only has he been able maintain the spirit he envisioned for Picaroons, but he has also been a mentor and collaborator for those just starting in the industry. His hands have shaped the industry in New Brunswick behaves; not as strict competitors but with the notion that a high tide floats many ships. Therefore, a strong craft beer sector can support a number of small brewers. All he asks for those he assists is for them to pay it forward down the road.

Check out this episode to be inspired by how business can be done.


In this episode

  • Monica Adair introduces Sean.
  • We hear how Sean is inspired to change the world one beer at a time.
  • We also learn about how Picaroons supports its industry as well as the arts.
  • Sean gives us a brief history of craft brewing, both industry wide and for Picaroons since the mid 90’s.
  • He tells us why he believes you are not truly an entrepreneur unless you are treading out there on the edge.
  • Greg talks about risk taking behavior in his youth and how that relates to him as an entrepreneur today.
  • Sean likens his path of an entrepreneur to a play-write and how you need to experience pain to tell the world about it.
  • Sean also expands on knowing the part you are meant to play in the world and be willing to play it.
  • We hear how he has inspired others to pay-it-forward in his industry.
  • There is a discussion on why craft beer has such a following and how to keep the “spirit” of a craft brewer even when you are scaling quite large.
  • Sean tells us if you want to understand Picaroons is, just go have a beer and a conversation with a friend.
  • Dave is inspired by Sean’s authenticity, courage, and drive.
  • Greg likes Sean’s notion of a CEO being a spiritual advisor for a company.