Finding the Right Problem to Solve


Introducing Janet Scott and Enterprise Saint John

In running a business there are constantly problems that need to be solved. However, sometimes you find yourself hitting a bit of a brick wall. Perhaps you haven’t even figured out what the problem REALLY is and sometimes you might need some help in figuring that out.

Janet Scott is the director of business and community development with Enterprise Saint John and finding solutions to problems is something she is a pro at. In 2015, Janet received recognition as a 40 under 40 rising star in economic development by DCI International.  She was also selected to participate in Next New Brunswick’s 21 Leaders for the 21st Century program to encourage young people to help set the agenda for the future of the province and was named a YMCA Young Leader to Watch.

With Enterprise Saint John, Janet helps people start businesses, grow businesses, and attract business to the region. One way they help businesses succeed is to work through the power of problem solving. Check out this episode to understand the process you need to use to effectively navigate challenges and develop implementable solutions.


In this episode

  • Greg and Dave reflect on their 100th episode party at Big Tide Brewing and the amazing Hemmingsway Vealey Great Ale they developed for the occasion.
  • We meet their old friend and Saint John champion Janet.
  • There is a discussion of the enormous changes that have happened in Saint John over the last 16 years and just how this came about.
  • Janet also talks about what might be next for the city.
  • We discuss how Saint John has become a great city to network for both personal and business purposes and how it can be more effective for business than the larger centers.
  • Dave recalls a recent business trip to Toronto and just how much less he would be able to accomplish on a daily basis if he had to conduct his business there.
  • There is a discussion on start-up culture in the region.
  • Greg thinks that the region’s legacy family businesses have actually built an infrastructure and make it easier for start-ups to emerge.
  • We discuss how millennials fit into the equation.
  • Janet discusses catalyst innovation and how it helps nail down problems and their solutions.
  • Greg and Dave try to figure out if they are generators, conceptualizers, optimizers, or implementers.



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