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Introducing Lise Hansen and Allan Gates and Huddle

What do you do when you are journalistic and business minded, but you live in a place that doesn’t employ a single fulltime business reporter? You follow the path of Lise Hansen and Allan Gates when they decided to open something like Huddle. Huddle is an online news source that tells the stories of creative, innovative, and interesting entrepreneurs from New Brunswick and the Maritimes. Huddle is not a business cheerleader, but too often Atlantic Canadian business is cast with an ominous tone. The truth is, there is a lot of positive stories out there (as the Boiling Point can attest) if you just take the time to listen.


In this episode

  • Greg, Dave, Lise, and Allan discuss a MacLean’s Magazine article (in which Greg was quoted) that asked, “Can anything save New Brunswick?”
  • Allan and Lise discuss their reasoning for starting Huddle and why expressing the full business picture in New Brunswick is important.
  • We discuss Huddle’s response to MacLean’s.
  • Allan talks about the misconception of the Atlantic economy. It isn’t all big mills, but also innovative small business.
  • We discuss the exciting people and things that are emerging in the province.
  • Allan and Lise express the importance of hyper local news.
  • Greg’s takeaway is with the immense power of the media and storytelling, why do we focus so much of telling negative stories? Instead we should be inspiring and finding solutions to our problems.
  • Dave appreciates Huddle’s positive approach and that it isn’t a cheerleader for business. In business, we have to face the brutal facts, but that doesn’t have to be the whole story and it is okay to be eternally optimistic.



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