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Craig Ballantyne on Taking “The Leap” and his Five Pillars for Success

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In This Episode

  • Craig fills us in on the journey to becoming the owner of Early to Rise.
  • He tells us how discussing goals with positive people can galvanize them to take action for you.
  • He tells us why the law of attraction needs the added step of action and how that works. He also explains how he worked through crippling anxiety attacks through taking action.
  • Craig tells us his Five Pillars of Success and explains in depth how these steps can help anyone achieve their goals.
  • He lets us in on how he developed his five pillars by running body transformation contests and the common characteristics of his winners.
  • Greg is put through the five pillars of success in relation to his goal to start meditating.
  • An important tip for those entering business is discussed.
Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne

Personal Trainer and Owner of 'Early to Rise'

  • Craig Ballantyne started his career as a personal trainer and found success selling fitness information products through the web.
  • Along the way, Craig started following a website called ‘Early to Rise’, which helped people achieve their goals for health, wealth, and wisdom.
  • Once his business was starting to take off, Craig decided that he would take the plunge with a business coach. During their first session, Craig and his business coach concluded that Craig strove to create a company like ‘Early to Rise’.
  • So after five years, not only did Craig find a business like Early to Rise, he actually bought the company.

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