James Mullinger: The Entrepreneur of Comedy Making it in the Maritimes

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  • James shares his excitement over his stadium show at Harbour Station on Thursday, April 28th.
  • James also introduces us to his “sidekick”, show-stealer, and son, Hunter
  • He tells us about a project he is doing with our own Greg Hemmings, “City on Fire” set to air on CBC later this year that is all about Saint John.
  • James discusses making a “big splash” in a small city and seemingly going unnoticed in big epicentres.
  • He tells us where his boundless energy comes from.
  • He also tells us about his journey as a shy child to an outgoing performer.
  • Dave suggests that James story is a great lesson for any entrepreneur to be bold.
  • James also talks feeling unfulfilled from his job on ‘Movie Kingdom’ because he strived from more.
  • We also hear a joke written by our host Greg as performed by James.
James Mullinger

James Mullinger

Atlantic Canadian Comedian

  • James Mullinger was one of the UK’s hardest working stand-up comedians before moving to Saint John, New Brunswick to pursue a greater quality of life.
  • James conceded at the time that the move could probably call an end to his stand up career, as New Brunswick wasn’t a known Mecca for people in the funny business. However, with a passion for his craft and massive determination, James has been able to become one of the hottest comedians on the Canadian scene.
  • In fact, now he has the opportunity that seemed so distant on the other side of the pond, headlining a stadium show.
  • James credits his Canadian success to a few of different factors.
  • First was his choice of city, and Saint John has had an emergence in the last number of years. Unlike New York or London where many would believe life was better 10 years ago, most Saint Johners say that things seem to get better every year.
  • Secondly, James refused to give up. He took every opportunity to perform that was afforded to him because his fiery desire to be like his idols.
  • Though he was given opportunities in the past, like hosting ‘Movie Kingdom’ a funny film review show, he didn’t want to talk with his idols he wanted to BE THEM.

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