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Ron Dorombozi

Introducing Ron Dorombozi and RD3 Inc.

Ron Dorombozi is a thought leader in the ever-developing landscape of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED). This program is the Canada Revenue Agencies (CRA) premier tool to foster innovation in businesses of all sizes for work performed in Canada. This successful SR&ED consultant has pieced together an all-star team within his company (RD3 INC) that are highly successful in developing unique solutions meeting the individual needs of companies. RD3 INC and Mr. Dorombozi’s related companies provide project management, SR&ED and product development services capitalizing on the breadth of knowledge from the multi-disciplinary backgrounds of the front line staff.

The RD3 philosophy is to develop a sustainable, specialized documentation solution for each company that they work with. The information collected should not be onerous and should provide other value to the company. RD3 staff provides fresh ideas in some cases, ported from other industries, to help client’s progress and be successful in their endeavors. Knowledge is power; call today for a free 5-minute consultation on your projects.

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In this episode

  • Ron discusses his history and how he entered the field of SR&ED.
    – We learn briefly about what the SR&ED program is and how it works.
    – Dave describes a project with SR&ED potential that Vision Coaching is currently undertaking.
    – Ron and Dave discuss how certain “pockets” or area of the work might be SR&ED eligible.
    – Ron explains the free SR&ED related services offered by the CRA and how they work.
    – Greg comments on how it is not common for a SR&ED consultant to write a book.
    – Ron explains how the book was designed to fill in the gaps left in the free CRA services.
    – We discuss how thousands of businesses might be missing an opportunity to apply for SR&ED.
  • Dave notes that it is nice to know there is people out there really committed to helping people navigate SR&ED.
  • Greg concedes that he is in a business that typically wouldn’t qualify for SR&ED but thinks there may be processes that his team is working on that could be SRED-able.



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