Out with the Dinosaurs, In with Evolution


Reintroducing Kristy O’Leary – Scout & Burrow

This week’s guest for the second time is Kristy O’Leary from Scout & Burrow. Kristy is an artist, entrepreneur, and social change provocateur. Through Scout & Burrow, Kristy makes a living out of spurring organizations to imagine a world made better and then pushing them to act. This is not an easy task, as Atlantic Canada is full of old school, conservative businesses people and practices that are resistant to change. Kristy cannot help but see the opportunities that could arise from our challenges and seeks to change the mind of the dinosaurs in our midst.


In this episode

  • We get reacquainted with Kristy and Scout & Burrow
  • Kristy lets us in on the evolution of her business since the last time she was on the Boiling Point.
  • She highlights the importance of those working within a value-based perspective to tell their stories so that others can learn what is possible.
  • We hear about the current lack of an innovative economic strategy in Atlantic Canada and what types of things could be done to change the trend.
  • She explains why it is tough to be disrupter in a conservative business environment.
  • Kristy tells us why it is important to see our problems as opportunities for new business models.
  • Kristy also reiterates her distain for Kevin O’Leary.
  • Greg agrees with Kristy’s proposition that entrepreneurs need to say yes to change more often.
  • Dave sees the importance of personal impact, legacy, and creating wealth for good.



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