The More you Hear


Introducing Mark Wood and Ocean Sonics

It is amazing what you can hear when you make the effort to listen… especially under the water. One person that knows all about this is Mark Wood from Ocean Sonics. Mark’s company develops highly specialized underwater microphones (called hydrophones), which are used by scientist, researchers, sea construction companies, and others to record exactly what is being heard below the ocean surface. What makes Ocean Sonics hydrophones unique to others in the market is not only do they record sound, but they also process data and can be used as a webserver to trigger alerts. This technology would enhance the ability for researchers to study animal behavior, protect wildlife from things such as oil spills, and help with compliance issues as it relates to underwater noise pollution. To hear all about Mark and Ocean Sonics tune into this week’s Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Mark tells all about Ocean Sonics and the hydrophones they make.
  • We hear about the amazing things this technology will allow researchers and scientists to do and why it is important.
  • Mark also lets us know why his technology is better than others in the market including the ability to see sounds that otherwise couldn’t be heard by human ears.
  • Mark tells us how a concept like 3D audio could help eventually save whales from an oil spill.
  • We hear about the growth of Ocean Sonics and where the future is leading.
  • Dave is surprised by Greg’s knowledge of microphones and how little he knew about things like noise pollution and the world of underwater recording.
  • Greg thinks it is cool to hear about examples of businesses that are doing well and innovating, but for the right reasons.



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