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Introducing Nora Livingstone

What do you do when you have a thirst for travel and adventure, as well as a heart for the welfare of animals? You start a business. At least that is what Nora Livingstone did.

Back in 2012, Nora was approached by her veterinarian friend about starting a business that would link ethical animal groups around the world to people interested in lending a helping hand. Nora jumped at this opportunity despite a lack of experience in business because it fulfilled her lust for adventure and altruism.

Together they founded Animal Experience International. Their goal was to be asked by organizations helping animals around the world to find helping hands, and the way to gather people was by building trust. One great way to establishing trust was a B Corp designation on their business that would prove they are ethical and they are truly helping the animals and the communities surrounding them.

Nora’s top tip for new entrepreneurs is the power of “the ask”. There are so many people that are willing and able to lend assistance if you just open the doors to your world. This philosophy has allowed Nora to have a confidence that if she doesn’t know the answer to problem, that through her network she will eventually figure everything out.


In this episode

  • Nora tells us about just a few of the experiences she has had around the world helping countless types of animals.
  • Nora tells us the importance of knowing whether your volun-tourism operator is ethical and justice-focused.
  • We hear how becoming a B Corp has given Animal Experience International increased credibility with its customers.
  • Dave recounts an unfortunate snake farm tour.
  • We learn that AEI’s customers range from youth to the elderly.
  • Nora explains how adventure leads to the coolest opportunities.
  • She also tells us about the power of “the ask” and what it has meant for her and her company’s growth.
  • Greg appreciates Nora’s adventurous spirit and suggests that entrepreneurs treat their business with the same enthusiasm.
  • Dave likes the confidence Nora gains from admitting when she doesn’t know something, but is going to figure it out.



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