Screening you Screen Time


Introducing Ross Laird

Technology can be great for work and relaxation.  However, sometimes our screens can become a form of addiction that takes us out from being present in the moment.  This is exacerbated by the fact that now our screens are everywhere; they are at home, work, and even our wrists and pockets.  This allows us the chance to slide into addictive personality traits, and even more so for the youngest amongst us.

Ross Laird is a writer, consultant, teacher, and creative artists that often consult on addiction.  Like many others in the addiction field, Ross experienced the effects and loss from addiction amongst his family members.  People in his circumstance will often take two paths; they either join their family members in their addictive traits or they try and heal the addiction.  Ross took the second path.

This week’s episode will discuss some of the pitfalls of technology and what can be done to avoid our screens becoming enslaving.


In this episode

  • Greg explains how he met Ross during to a talk for around 40 technically engaged entrepreneurs.
  • Ross discusses the differences between healthy technology use and addictive use.
  • Ross explains how the addiction to technology and addictions in general is a strategy for emotional management.
  • We hear of strategies to curb adolescents’ technology use.
  • Ross explains how technology negatively affects our regulation development and what the devastating results can be.
  • Ross suggests finding real world equivalents to the exciting or risky behavior often experienced in the online gaming world.
  • Greg reflects on a time when kids played outdoors and how this has changed with the emergence of “pretend fear”.
  • Dave is encouraged by Ross’s stand on encouraging moderation.


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