Finding Opportunity to be Extraordinary


Introducing Pete McMath

Sometimes business ideas come from revelations you have in your daily life.  This is exactly what went down with this week’s Boiling Point guest, Pete McMath.  Pete was working in guitar repair and sales in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  In his day-to-day, he would commonly come across customers that had issues with their instruments and particularly were less than impressed with their instrument cases.  For most musicians, their instrument is more valuable than the money it costs and damage received during transport can feel disastrous.

The instrument case business hasn’t changed a lot over the decades.  While typical luggage has evolved to have things like wheels and carbon fiber protection, most instrument cases have stayed the same like grand mom’s old polyester suitcase.  Pete knew something had to be done to protect people’s prized possessions and the result has been Timbre Cases.  Pete now takes ideas from the auto and aerospace industry to provide tougher and lighter cases that keep its’ contents safe from wear and tear.  Now he has orders coming from around the world and continues to build a business that strives to offer not just an instrument case, but also an extraordinary product.


In this episode

  • Greg tells us about his adventure hiking the Appalachian Mountains with Pete.  (Greg didn’t go quite as far as Pete’s 4-month, 1200-mile trek).
  • Pete tells us how Timbre Cases began, and how the evolution has been organic from the start.
  • He reminds us that it is often not about the cost of a musical instrument, but its value.
  • He tells about his constant design process to keep things fresh.
  • Pete then tells us the tricks and tips he used to get his product out there.
  • He also comments on the vast amount of support he has received in New Brunswick and how (for him) being a bigger fish in a small pond works.
  • Pete also mentions how having other musical giants such as Sabian Cymbals in his backyard has helped his company’s evolution.
  • Pete explains why entrepreneurs need to eliminate assumptions, be extraordinary, and work harder than everyone else.
  • Greg is inspired by Pete’s ability to grab an opportunity when he saw a need in the market.
  • Dave notes that Pete is wise beyond his years and echoes his sentiments on being extraordinary.
  • Greg also points out that you need to check out all the neat stuff that is going on in your community and then invites our listeners to his hot tub party.


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