Bring on the Business Sustainability


Introducing Nick Aster

For too long sustainability was a niche topic discussed mostly by activists.  However, now there seems to be a shift in the tides where business is coming to the table to make a real impact.  One of the reasons for this is due to the hard work of people like our guest this week on the Boiling Point, Nick Aster.

Nick is the founder of, which is an online business sustainability publication he started as a passion project around 10 years ago.  After completing on of the first MBA programs in the subject of business sustainability, Nick wanted to get the word out on all he had learned and on some exciting people.  Five years later, Nick was able to quit his former job and work full time.

Nick has seen the evolution of business sustainability from a niche topic to a cautious optimism as large corporations are starting to buy in and make their own impacts.  No longer does it seem that business sees activists as agitators, but now collaborators toward a better world and increased profitability.  Sure, for some of these companies it might be just great PR or lip service, but more often than not these companies are taking the issue seriously.


In this episode

  • Greg tells us about his visit to the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego (where he met Nick).
  • Nick tells us why he believes there has been a change in mindset from big companies toward participating in sustainability.
  • He tells his motivation to make an online publication like he has and about its growth to 500,000 readers a month.
  • Nick and Greg talk about being mission based media companies.
  • Nick also talks about an interesting conversation he had with a massive corporation at Sustainable Brands that had him greatly encouraged.
  • Nick tells us the greatest starting places for your business to start its path toward sustainability.
  • He also tells it why it is important to make practical impacts that are not abstract and are directly connected to you and your business.
  • Dave appreciates how the track to sustainability could be so practical and useful to business.
  • Greg joins the cautious celebration that businesses are really starting to jump on board with this concept.



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